Artist Statement

I work in the space that exists between ideas, objects, or places and the paths we forge through these liminal areas. These border lands are the realms of myths and tricksters, but also serve as areas of contention where dialogue and critique occurs free from labels and categories. It is a zone of contradictions, and disruptions of thought patterns. My making practice focuses on the work of wandering to the in-between. The objects I create are records of this exploration. Within the interstitial we experience the naming and the calling of things; a bidding for the hidden to become unconcealed.
My exploration has often focused on how words and images interact; where words stop, and images begin and vice versa. This ebb and flow is the birthplace of imagination and of belief. It is also where I explore my identity. In my series, Letters on the Wind: Exploring the Hebrew Alphabet, I explore the calligraphic quality of written Hebrew and how it imparts imagery into each letter. In the interstitial the letters flow like seedlings on the wind, reaching out to land, taking root and creating wondrous life. The letters form words and etch their faces into our stories, so when seen or spoken aloud carry the history of humanity. I instinctively responded to the nature of the letter and its shape with large gestural mark making. Then I continued delving into the substance behind the letter by creating atmosphere through multiple layers of mixed media. I separated areas with metal leafing to set a space apart and seek answers about the origins of the sacred and the mystical. The letters themselves are instilled over time with the joys and sorrows sustained by the speakers of the language. Through my exploration I am attempting to convey the importance that words, and imagery have to storytelling, and how those stories impact identity.
In my new series, My One Brown Arm, I continue to explore my identity within the interstitial by researching my heritage. Through a variety of media, building on the ideas of cinematic prop construction and assemblage, I will tell my story of growing up mixed race and how it impacted my childhood and how it informs my present. I will be creating contemporary family heirlooms that will appear old, in an attempt to expand the narrative of how my Latin American heritage fits into the wholeness of my identity.